Professionals in electrical Installations for commercial/industrial/ residential light mast installations and solar systems.


Litecom was established in 2015 by the owner Philip Mans 


Litecom is registered as an electrical contractor at the Department of Labour and is committed to the latest Occupational Health and Safety Act.



Our teams consist of qualified electricians, assistants, and workers.

Litecom Projects is a fast-growing company specializing in small and medium-sized projects in the field of lighting solutions, electrical and solar solutions.  We embrace a strong desire for perfection and are at the forefront of new ideas and innovations, in keeping with the trend in the industry and the nature of the competition.  


Litecom Project’s philosophy is simple and timeless. To deliver a quality product or service on time and within budget.  The future is our key focus and to that end our vision is: 


  • To provide customers with the highest level of quality services at fair and market competitive prices 

  • To ensure longevity through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes 

  • To inspire all who are in any way, directly or indirectly, associated with our business 

  • To be consistently target and deadline driven ensuring customer satisfaction 

  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with my suppliers and customers 


Our processes and activities are guided by certain values and we maintain a high standard of ethics and integrity.  Furthermore, health and safety regulations are adhered to closely and we continually maintain stringent standards on site.  In this regard, we have achieved an exceptional reputation especially on various nationwide projects where correctly following rules and regulations is non-negotiable. 


We strive to be a resource that: 


  • Facilitates the skills transfer to previously disadvantaged communities 

  • Aims to promote black economic empowerment and equity and enable skill development through the medium of business development 

  • Is established and motivated by the desire to negotiate for and conclude contracts with targeted clients who have the foresight to share in and embrace the vision 

  • Participate in ventures with a prerequisite element of sustainability and include an expectation to be a driving force into the African continent creating exposure in diverse fields 


The general growth strategy of our business is to consider key factors like diversification, organic growth, and growth by acquisition. We foresee tremendous opportunities in this key service industry with present trends reflecting enormous current growth. 

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Litecom is a preferred installer for Musco Lighting S.A. and has completed projects nationwide.  Installing turnkey sports lighting, we supply a wide range of electrical and solar product services to private clients in and around the Gauteng area. 


We are a preferred contractor for B & G Electrical in Lesotho erecting and maintaining area lighting masts ranging from 15m to 40m light masts. 


We have been contracted by a Swedish company, Swetech, to assist with a GIS installation at Koeberg Power Station. 

  • St. David’s College – Astro Hockey Field Lights 

  • Eldoraigne Hight School – Astro Hockey and Cricket Field Lights 

  • Sutherland High School - Astro Hockey and Cricket Field LED Lights 

  • Monument High School - Astro Hockey Field Lights 

  • Medunsa University – Area Lighting, 27m and Retro Fits 

  • Cornwill Hill College - Astro Hockey and Cricket Field Lights 

  • Stanford Lake College - Astro Hockey Field Lights 

  • Uplands College - Astro Hockey Field Lights 

  • Noupoort Sports Complex – Athletic Field Lights 

  • B & G Electrical – 30 x 20m High Masts, 63 x 40m High Masts 

  • Swetech, Koeberg Power Station – Control Room for new GIS installation